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Anonymous asked: Although I know that hypnosis is real and can work quite well, I cannot wrap my head around the thing I see in your videos. It seems impossible for me to empty the mind of an person just the way presented. So, how much do your *guests* know about the things they will do/experience?

The majority of my glamorous assistants help me plan what we’ll be doing in advance, (I have a questionnaire I send out, and there’s quite a lot of preparation that goes into the shoots) and get to recall everything that happens during our sessions.

Provided you’re hypnotizing someone within their comfort zones, you can get them feeling anything you like. Submissive. Sexual. Provocative. Embarrassed… It’s mainly kinky ladies and glamour models that I work with, so long as I’m not pushing anyone beyond their preferred boundaries, they don’t mind being seen doing things that would be “impossible” for you to do on-camera with your typical girl next door. 

I have had girls request that they recall nothing whatsoever after the shoot, and whilst it’s fun to see their reaction on waking and realising that their outfits have changed and 3-4 hours have gone by, they do end up feeling fairly disoriented, so it’s not something I do unless it’s specifically requested. 

Hope that answers the question. 

Anonymous asked: Dear Lex, can you please give us a free video. Preferably the one with amber monroe since it is no longer available. And can you also do another shoot with her plz :) thx

I occasionally give out free videos and run sales around Christmas. I don’t want to make *too* much of a habit of doing that though or no-one will buy *anything* regularly. 


I think Amber’s video made it onto XVideos.com a while back. As that one’s not for sale any more I’ve not submitted any DMCA claims to get it taken down. 

*Whistles innocently* 

Enjoy. :P 

Anonymous asked: Just had a listen to Lizzie's track and..... Wow, she has an extremely angelic and perfectly suited voice for that song. Thanks for the link

Thanks, I’ll pass the compliment along. She tends to grin n blush in these circumstances. ;) 

Hypnotize yourself to become my obedient slavegirl, my sultry slut, or my mindless hypnodoll on command. 

"Angel" cover by AudioBandit (Hypnodoll's missus)

Not hypnotic I’m afraid, but the g/f (Known occasionally as Lizzidoll, and in gaming circles as Bandit) has just popped her cover of Sarah McLaughlin’s “Angel” up on SoundCloud. Obviously as her other half I’m going to be pretty damn proud of her, no matter what she does, but I’m reasonably sure she sounds amazing. ;) 

The link’s here if anyone would like to hear her. https://soundcloud.com/audiobandit-1

Please keep comments on her SC page none-related to hypno as her none-kinky friends will probably see it. :P



How do I (erotically) hypnotize others?



The first thing (Well… one of the first things) you need to know about hypnosis is that it’s a completely natural state. People enter trances all the time without even realising that’s what’s happening.

Any time you become very focused on something, you’re in some form of hypnosis. It happens when you lose track of time because you’re embroiled in a book. It happens when you feel happy or sad watching a film because you’ve become emotionally invested in it. It happens when you daydream, or when you concentrate hard on study, or play, or you’re doing something complex but familiar that over time has become very natural to you, like driving home, singing along to a song you know well, drawing, writing, or even (if you’re a kinky sort into bondage and rope-play) tying up a loved one. 

Any time you feel like you’re “in the zone”, you’re in some form of natural trance.

Someone that tells you that they’ve never been hypnotized is probably mistaken. Odds are they have been… but not in the way they think hypnosis works. Be gentle when you break this to them. Coming across as wise in the ways of trance will score you brownie points and make it easier to hypnotize your glamorous volunteer later. Coming across as a smug know-it-all will lose you points.

If someone tells you they want to be hypnotized but it “doesn’t work on me”.. or “I can’t be hypnotized”, it might just be that they haven’t met the right hypnotist yet. Everyone can be hypnotized to some degree… it just doesn’t always follow the traditional set of feelings and behaviours outlined by Saturday morning cartoons and campy black and white vampire movies… for some people being in trance is something relaxed and detached… for others, it’s something sensual and erotic… and for others… it can follow the traditional portrayal of being mindless, compelled and mind controlled in exactly the same manner as those old cartoons and movie scenes. Right down to someone becoming your hypnotized zombie slave, intoning “How may I serve you Master / Mistress” any time you snap your fingers in front of their face. 


Because it’s a natural state, very often people don’t realise that they’re even hypnotized. A lot of people expect to feel *very* different once they’re under, and just because they don’t suddenly feel like a zombie, slavegirl or robot, they’ll think that means they’re not under.

The blame for this lies largely with Hollywood.

Classically, (In most movies and TV shows) hypnosis is portrayed as a very unusual and mysterious state of mind, where the person in trance has no awareness or control of what’s going on. They’re often presented as being little more than a puppet or plaything, and the person who’s placed them in trance, (The Vampire, The Svengali, The Stage Magician) has total control of that person’s thoughts, actions and experiences.

Now… this *can* be how hypnosis works. Especially if your subject is attracted to the idea of feeling that way, but for someone who’s just interested in exploring trance itself, and hasn’t come to hypnosis through Hollywood’s or The Jungle Book’s portrayal of hypnosis, rather than blank minded obedience, most people will just feel very very chilled out within trance.

This brings us to the *other* first thing you need to know about hypnosis (I did say there was more than one):

All hypnosis is *Self Hypnosis* to some degree, and how a person will feel in trance depends on what they expect to feel, what they **want** to feel, and who’s hypnotizing them.

This leads us to one of the most important things to bear in mind when you’re hypnotizing someone:



ALWAYS find out from your subject up front what it is she or he wants from the experience.

If your subject just wants to feel relaxed, comfortable, chilled out and safe… there’s not much point in doing an induction with them that focuses on helplessness and loss of control. They’ll become uncomfortable with the ideas you’re presenting them with, they might feel wary, they might feel irritated, they might feel scared, and either way they won’t be engaging with your words, or relaxing effectively.

Equally, if your subject is a kinky so-and-so that *wants* to feel manipulated, helpless, coerced, teased and toyed with, but your induction focuses on feelings of safety and empowerment… they’ll probably find the experience very dry and boring, as a result they won’t engage effectively, as a result, they won’t achieve the kind of trance that you’re both interested in exploring.

ALWAYS tailor the experience to your subject so you can be the hypnotist of their dreams.

Here’s a (none exhaustive) list of possible trance “Flavours”

  • Safe & Protected
  • Aroused & Erotic
  • Blank & Mindless
  • Dazed & Drugged
  • Playful & Naughty
  • Captive & Helpless
  • Detached & Passive
  • Disarmed & Seduced
  • Beautiful & Sensuous
  • Emotionless & Empty
  • Empowered & Focused
  • Submissive & Obedient
  • Energised & Meditative
  • Objectified & Impersonal
  • Brainwashed & Mind Controlled 
  • Vulnerable & Scared



Speaking of being the hypnotist of their dreams, this brings us to the most important thing to remember about yourself as a hypnotist, and that is: 

Confidence is key. 

When guiding someone into hypnosis, they need to be relaxed and at ease. If it’s your first time hypnotizing someone and you *tell* them that, then no matter how much they like you, they’re not going to feel particularly confident in your abilities. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or you’re not quite sure of how it works or what will happen and you say any of the following: 

"Can I try to hypnotize you?" 
"I’ve never done this before…" 
"I don’t know if this will work…" 
"Sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing…" 
"I don’t really know how this works…" 

Then you’re pretty much shooting yourself in the foot. 

Even if you’re not entirely sure of what you’re doing, what direction things are going to go in, or whether or not it’ll work, you need to present a confident face to your subject. This puts them at ease and creates the expectation that everything will be going swimmingly. 

Using words and phrases like “Try” “Unsure” “Sorry” “Don’t know” “Never” and “Newbie” will kill any confidence in it working. 

Alternately, if you say any of the following: 

"Would you let me hypnotize you?" 
"It’s easy, you get hypnotized often without realising anyway" 
"You like feeling helpless? Well you’ll find trance *deliciously* helpless" 
"You like feeling relaxed? You’ll find this more relaxing than anything!" 
"After you’ve been hypnotized, you’ll feel like you’ve had the best sleep" 
"In trance you’ll feel all your favourite things." 

You’re creating the expectation that not only is this going to work, but it’s going to be deeply enjoyable for your subject. 

There’s actually some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Progamming) in there. That’s not something I’ve studied it in any great depth, but in essence you’re using predictive language to create assumptions and shape expectation. In the examples above, you’re basically telling your subject that: 

a) This is going to work. 
b) It’s going to be very enjoyable. 
c) I’m very confident that it’ll work (So you should be confident in that too.) 

Simple, right? 

Speaking of “Right?” that’s another thing. 



If you can get your subject to agree to you several times, that places them in a more acceptant, agreeable and directable mindset. If you get them to say “Yes” three times, that naturally places people in a state where they’re more likely to continue agreeing. 

This is why it’s important to build trust and rapport with your subject. If you know up front that your subject wants to feel enchanted and intoxicated… but doesn’t want to feel *too* out of control or sexual, then you can build the start of your induction out of ingredients that you already know. 

Hypnotist: Would you like me to hypnotize you now? 
Subject: Yes okay. 
Hypnotist: And you’re happy to feel enchanted, a little dazed, and intoxicated, right? 
Subject: Yes. 
Hypnotist: But you don’t want to dance around naked *just* yet… right? 
Subject: Heh, right. 

Even though in the example above, something has been presented that the subject might not be keen on (dancing around naked), it’s been highlighted as something they *won’t* be doing (making them feel happier), a joke’s been made about it (making them feel amused and comfortable) and they’ve still followed up the question with an affirmation, right? ;) 

"D’you follow?" 
"Are you with me?" 

Are all phrases that invite agreement from the subject. Society and language being what they are, many english speaking people have been trained to agree in response before they’ve even analysed what it is they’re agreeing to. 

Anyway. You’ve discussed with your subject what they want from trance and how they want it to feel. You’ve hopefully put them at ease by making it clear the trance you’ll be doing with them is tailored to their own specific interests. Now how do you begin? 

Again you need to tailor your induction to your subject. 



Back to the trance flavours above. Once you’re ready to begin hypnotizing your subject, try to use language that reflects their chosen flavour. If they want to feel dominated and overpowered: be dark and dominant. If they want to feel safe, be reassuring and calming. If they want to feel objectified: talk at them like they’re an obedient thing before they’re a person. You’ll find you have much more success that way than if you use the same induction on *everyone.* 

  • Do they want background music? Put some on.
  • Do they like the idea of focusing on a pendant, or crystal? Get one.
  • Are pendants a little too cliché? Use a candle instead.
  • Is the idea of focusing on *anything* like that kinda laughable? Just have them close their eyes.
  • Are they a visual person? Describe a relaxing scene.
  • Are they more tactile? Describe enjoyable sensations.
  • Do they want helplessness? Describe a bondage scenario.

Do they want relaxation? Describe a beach or a warm bath. 

I’m assuming first time round you’ll be doing some form of progressive relaxation with your subject. It’s not too flashy, but it’s what a lot of people expect. (Though if your subject **expects** a rapid instant SLEEP induction, then by all means, do that with them!) 

Spend about 5-10 minutes talking softly to your subject, guiding them and relaxing them as much as possible.  

You might notice them twitch a little (a sign the muscles are relaxing) 
You might notice their eyelids flickering (a sign in some of entering trance) 
They might grow totally still and limp. 

They *might* be kind of a fidget (annoying, sure, but not everyone will immediately go into deep comatose states.) 



In the early stages of trance, a person feels disarmed and agreeable. After a hypnotic stageshow in which they were lightly hypnotized, they might carry out every suggestion they’re given, but come away from the stage saying “I was just playing along. I don’t think I was *really* hypnotized” 

In medium states of hypnosis, people feel very focused and involved. They’ll say after the show that whilst perhaps they knew they weren’t *really* Lady Gaga, they kinda felt like they *had* to dance and act like her whenever they heard a hypnotic trigger or piece of music. 

In deep states of hypnosis, people can feel so enchanted and hypnotized that they believe almost everything they’re told (within reason). After the show they’re likely to admit to believing for a while that they *were* Lady Gaga, that the audience were totally naked, or that they firmly believed that the hypnotist was the cutest guy they’d ever met. 



There are lots of tricks you can use to get a subject’s trance deeper. 

One tool is “Fractionation”. This is using contrasting states to deepen the level of trance. 

For example… 

I often have my subjects picture a scale from 0 to 10. 

0 is wide awake, full of energy and bouncing off the walls. 
10 being totally enchanted, obedient in every way. 

(Or whatever analogue fits their preferred flavour.) 

If my subject says she’s at a 5 or 6, I’ll ask her to allow herself to drop to their deepest level of relaxation every time I say “Sleep” 

Then I’ll tell her she can easily follow my words into or out of trance. To begin with, I might start counting them out of trance, counting fairly quickly from 5 to 1, then telling them that at 1 they feel more or less awake… the only difference being that they’re calm, and still, and their eyes are closed. 

Demonstrating that trance is easy to come out of by following my words naturally creates the counter belief that trance is easy to get into by following my words deeper. 

Then I’ll say “Sleep” and tell them to notice that they’ve gone from almost awake… to very very calm and still.  

Do this a few times, counting near 0 and telling your subject that she can move and stretch and open her eyes and smile… then telling her to “SLEEP” and telling her that she’s too calm, too dreamy, too dazed and too still to do anything but breathe, relax and follow. 

If your subject likes the idea of feeling helpless, you could initially place control over their depth with them, telling them that as they count, they take themselves deeper or bring themselves out of trance. If this works, you can then tell your subject that they *can’t* bring themselves out now, and that any attempts to do so only take them deeper. 

(Be aware, you should only use this particular method on someone who *likes* the idea of being locked helplessly in trance.) 



In a light state of hypnosis, you can affect someone’s behaviour. 
In a medium state, you can affect their memories and drives. 
In deeper states, you can affect their senses and experiences. 

In order to build depth throughout your sessions, with most subjects you’ll want to start at the lighter end of the spectrum, as opposed to immediately aiming for deep and potent suggestions. 

Light Suggestions

  • You’re too relaxed to move, trying to move only relaxes you more.
  • Any time I say something’s “Bound” that part of you will stick in place.
  • Any time I use the word “SPANK” you’ll slap your own arse.
  • You have tourette’s syndrome, the moment a rude word enters your mind, you speak it. You deny that this is happening. 

Medium Suggestions

  • Any time I say the word “Blank” your mind becomes neutral and empty, like your thoughts have slipped out of great.
  • Your name is forgotten, when you try to say it it’s on the tip of your tongue… but you can’t quite recall it or speak it.
  • You feel very submissive and obedient.
  • Any time music plays, you can’t stop yourself dancing.
  • You’re a nudist. You love being naked. You don’t see the point in clothes.
  • You’re a slavegirl, you love to obey in every way. 

Deep Suggestions

  • You’re a rubber sexdolly. All you want to do is be fucked.
  • Even though you’re nude, you believe that you’re fully dressed.
  • Any time I use the word “Brink” you’ll come to the edge of orgasm.
  • Any time I use the word “SPANK” you’ll feel your arse being slapped.
  • Your clit is turned off, playing with it is about as sexy as playing with your own elbow.
  • Your clit has been relocated to the tip of your nose, rubbing *that* is now the sexiest thing in the world. 

Use deepeners, stick to your subject’s favoured areas, and work your way down the depth scale and you’ll soon have a subject trained to experience whatever hypnotic phenomena you wish them to feel almost immediately! 



After you’re done playing, in most cases you’ll want to remove the suggestions you gave your volunteer during playtime. Here’s a (paraphrased) wakener that I was introduced to by Rich of UK Southwest Hypnosis:

"5. Rising from trance now. 

4. All suggestions being washed away, returning to normal. 

3. Feeling restored and refreshed. Cleansed by crystal clear spring water.

2. Taking a nice deep breath of energy giving Oxygen. 

1. All heaviness dropping away. Feeling light and wonderful. 

0. Wide awake. Eyes open. Recalling as much or as little of your trance as you like. Feeling great!”

Following that, have a post-trance chat with your subject and make sure they’re feeling good. If they like the idea of forgetting their trance, it might be they don’t even recall that they went under. In most cases people will retain a fair degree of recall though. 



Depending on your subject, hypnosis can be a very powerful tool. As such, you should treat it (and your subject’s mind) with the right amount of respect when you play. You wouldn’t go nuts with a hammer and saw whilst decorating your bedroom, so there’s no reason to go bananas when playing with the mind of a friend or loved one. 

  • If your subject gets a headache from all the mind fuckery, bring them completely out of trance, (this will usually mean removing all suggestions as you do it.) and take a break. Trance can be a mental workout so it’s not unusual to feel tired or fuzzy after a while. 
  • A safety suggestion I give most subjects is "If you should receive a suggestion within trance that would endanger you, or seriously upset you, you can easily resist and say “no” to it. Suggestions you like though, you’ll be totally unable to resist.” Sure this spoils the illusion of being an all powerful hypnobastard a little and makes it clear we’re not going to have our wicked way if that would make our subject uncomfortable… on the other hand, it’s more likely to make them trust going into trance, knowing that they do have that safety net there if they should ever need it. 
  • Don’t feel like you need to leave your subject with a list of triggers or behaviors to ensure you’ll have full control of them in future. If they want to be controlled by you. They’ll be controlled. If you end up being more possessive than they find comfortable, you’ll creep them out, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell them “You’ll love and obey me and ONLY me” they’ll probably just get uncomfortable. 
  • Don’t hypnotize pregnant women for none-beneficial, none-therapeutic reasons. (Unborn babies can detect the emotional state of their mother, so it’s unethical to mess with that.)
  • Don’t perform age regression on someone who you suspect of having a traumatic childhood. 
  • It’s best not to hypnotize someone with mental health issues who’s currently on medication for it. Trance can be an emotional rollercoaster, and just as you wouldn’t ride a rollercoaster if you had a heart condition, you shouldn’t be experiencing a barrage of hypnotic highs and lows if you’re in a vulnerable mental state. 
  • If your subject does experience an abreaction (which is a sudden flood of strong and possibly upsetting emotions, sometimes triggered by repressed or unpleasant memories) if possible, tell them you’ll be putting them back into trance briefly, so you can wake them up feeling better. Let them know everything’s fine. Use whatever method you can to get them back into trance then tell them: "On waking, you’re going to be your normal self, feeling refreshed and happy in every way, leaving all negative feelings, worries and sensations behind in trance. If you want to recall and discuss them later you’ll be free to do that. For now though, they’re all melting away, and you’re going to feel totally fine and back to being your normal self when you wake."

Hope this guide helps you on your way, hypno-fans! 



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warbringr-deactivated20140414 asked: This is amazing! How can I learn to do this as well? Do you have any tips our can you help me at all?

I have a guide up on my blog here: http://hypnofantastico.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/how-do-i-hypnotize-others.html

That should help! ;)

marriedbuthere asked: wow your blog is amazing, now im dying to try erotic hypnosis

Well my contact details aren’t *too* hard to find if you want to get in touch… perhaps your hubby would like you as his personal hypno-pet? ;)

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