Genuine and staged erotic hypnosis images by Lex Lucas
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a-changeling-in-the-mist asked: “Hey there! I've recently been trying to hypnotize my girlfriend (Who's really into being submissive and I'm a huge hypnofetishist so it works out a good deal), and what I've been trying to do is figure out some way to make her perceive messages in a way that she wouldn't realize it, yet still act upon it?? I'd managed to do it once, a long time ago, with an old friend of mine who let me practice it on them, but have been since unable to replicate it with my girlfriend. Any suggestions?”

If you’re doing it via text, you could tell her that anything written [Within Square Brackets] will be experienced, but she won’t consciously recall receiving the command. 

If you’re doing it via speech, you could use the word “Unaware” or a pet name or something, like any time you call her “Sweety” or “Darling” she thinks / does exactly what you tell her to, but doesn’t realise she’s been told to do it. 

goreanmann asked: “Hi there. I just found your tumblr so please excuse me if I am asking something that you have answered before. I am a Dominant Male, and I was keenly interested when I saw one of your slavegirl training videos. I wanted to watch it to pick up some tips, but I was concerned about your warning that those who do not consider themselves to be submissive should not watch the video. What is the best way for a novice to learn & practice hypnosis?”

Anyone can watch the slavegirl training video, it’ll only be effective on someone who’s submissive and wishes to be hypnotized and controlled though. A lot of hypnosis is self hypnosis, so simply listening to a file isn’t enough if you don’t actually want it to work. If you want to watch the file yourself, you can do.

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